Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To keep the satisfaction of its internal and external customers at the highest level, with an understanding beyond customer expectations, to understand and meet the needs of consumers in the best way. To observe environmental awareness at every stage of production, to prioritize quality and to be the pioneer of the sector with the new products it designs.

Customer orientation: By constantly following the changing needs and expectations of the customer, it applies solutions that will respond to these needs and expectations at the highest level in all processes and tries to create "loyal customers". Employee satisfaction: It equips its employees with knowledge by constantly training them, supports teamwork, and creates a working atmosphere where fair and open communication prevails. Collaboration with suppliers: It carefully selects and evaluates its suppliers, which it believes to be an integral part of the quality management system, works in harmony and contributes to their continuous development. Product and service quality: It closely follows the market and technological developments in order to provide its customers with products and services at the highest level.

Our Vision

To be the first brand that comes to mind above the world standards by producing innovative, different and high quality products in the plastic, packaging and cleaning market.

To prioritize our respect for the environment, the value we place on natural resources and the needs of future generations in all our activities.

Yeni Anadolu Plastik Cleaning Food Materials İnş.Tur.Tic.Ltd.Şti. It aims to increase the well-being of its employees, to provide a fair and safe working environment, and to support their professional and personal development.

Yeni Anadolu Plastik Cleaning Food Materials İnş.Tur.Tic.Ltd.Şti. carries out all its activities, respecting the environment and prioritizing the needs of future generations in the use of natural resources.