Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Yeni Anadolu Plastik Cleaning Food Materials İnş.Tur.Tic.Ltd.Şti. It is an integral part of our business to take the necessary precautions to minimize our negative impacts on the environment during all our activities and to prevent losses by giving importance to occupational health and safety for a sustainable and developing future.
In this direction, Yeni Anadolu Plastik Temiz Gıda Maddeleri İnş.Tur.Tic.Ltd.Şti. It creates environmental, occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with the "Environmental Management System" and "Occupational Health and Safety Management System" standards by adhering to the laws, regulations and regulations, EU directives and other requirements regarding environmental and occupational safety, and by supporting them with continuous improvement. strengthens.
Yeni Anadolu Plastik Cleaning Food Materials İnş.Tur.Tic.Ltd.Şti. To protect the environment, to continuously improve, to use natural resources effectively, to prevent pollution, to reduce and separate the wastes generated during its activities at the source, to recycle, to dispose of them with the most appropriate methods, to ensure full compliance with the laws regarding environment and occupational health and safety, accepts creating safe working environments with the participation of employees and employee representatives as the basis of its Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Within the framework of this policy;

To fulfill all environmental and OHS related legislation and legal obligations, our customers' rules in line with Environment, OHS and other conditions,
To use raw materials and energy resources effectively and efficiently for the protection of natural resources, to ensure continuous improvement in the technology of the products it produces,
By determining the environmental effects of all our activities, we ensure that the wastes are recovered as much as possible, that they are minimized when it is not possible to recover them, and that these wastes are disposed of without harming the environment.
To make continuous improvements to prevent and control environmental pollution by following technological developments,
To provide continuous training to our employees in order to create environmental awareness and gain individual responsibility in our employees,
To increase our environmental performance by cooperating with our customers, suppliers, official institutions and stakeholders with whom we share the same environment,
To provide ergonomic and healthy work environments for all employees, reducing the risk of work accidents and occupational diseases (by analyzing the health and safety risks of groups requiring special policies),
To establish and implement a framework for environmental and OHS targets,
To eliminate the danger and reduce the OHS risks,
To provide trainings to improve environmental and occupational health and occupational safety awareness in employees,
Ensuring the participation of employees and/or employee representatives in all OHS processes,
To carry out the necessary activities for the formation and development of Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety awareness in our employees, customers and suppliers in order to achieve our Environment and OHS goals.
To produce quality products that comply with national and international health standards that provide environment-friendly, ease of use and safety by addressing risks and opportunities in order to achieve our strategic goals in internal and external matters, ensuring the health and safety of employees,
To meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders,
In order to ensure the occupational health and safety of the employees, to continuously improve the working conditions and environment, to eliminate the hazards and to keep them under control by reducing the OHS risks,
To develop our corporate OHS culture by providing consultation and participation of employees in order to continuously improve the OHS management system and OHS performance;
It adopts and undertakes as an Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy.